Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Brent Travis is the new music teacher at the school and is a man hiding from his pain and feelings of betrayal by God, friends and his wife. Autumn  is the only daughter and sister of the Parker family and works in the family owned feed store.

Brent is renting a cottage from the Parkers, is bulldozed into the town band where Autumn is also a member. Autumn's horse Scout is missing and Brent impulsively offers to help look for him.  Will Brent be able to let himself love again? Will Autumn look past his exterior to the man inside?

HORSE IN THE WILDERNES is a story of a missing horse, a lost boy, a vandal with a grievance, secrets, misconceptions and vengeance. It is also about forgiveness and learning to let go and trust again.

I enjoyed this book and only wish it had taken the story a little further. Seems too often that author's bring it to a quick conclusion and leave the readers wishing for a little more to flesh out the ending.

I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers for an honest review.


I just finished book two, WHEN GRACE SINGS, of Kim Vogel Sawyer's The Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy.  Ironically  I had just finished book one, When Mercy Rains, and was going to look for second one when i realized I had requested it from Water Brook Publisher.

The story follows a Mennonite woman who is a single mother with a secret that threatens the family. Suzanne has raised her daughter Alexa away from the community when a family crisis calls her home after 20 years.

Her family doesn't know about her daughter and her siblings have wondered why she left and never returned. The boys she left feels guilty for her leaving as does the mother.
This is a story of forgiveness and mercy that is often withheld for lack of knowledge.

 I loved the books, however, I am a little disappointed that book two leaves way to many things unfinished. Hopefully book three will bring it all together, just wish we didn't have to wait so long to read it.

I do recommend the series as it is a good story.

I received these books free from Water Brook Publishers for an honest review.


BETTER ALL THE TIME by Carre Armstrong Gardner is a good look at overcoming our own expectations and perceptions. It does look like I have come upon another series and author I am hooked on.

This series follows the Darling family, a family of four sisters and one brother.  The oldest sister Laura has relocated to Phoenix and is distancing herself from the family. Ivy and her husband Nick are the focus of book one. Sephy or Seraphina, is getting her RN degree and battles a weight problem.  Amy is the youngest becomes the new director of the cities art center. Enter Mitch, the boy the family took in during high school, he has been hired to do the renovations.

This is a look at a family that is close but also has sibling dynamics and tensions. Like all families each person has their own personality with its insecurities and masks. We can sometimes be the harshest critics of our own family. However, love and loyalty is the champion when we allow God's grace to prompt us.

I enjoyed the book and have added Carre to my must follow author's. I would recommend this with no qualms.

I received this book free from Tyndale for an honest review.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


You take a city newspaper girl, a good looking cowboy who wants nothing to do with reporters and you have the makings of a clashing of wills. Then throw in a bit or attraction and chemistry on both sides - watch out.

Such is the BETTING ON HOPE by Debra Clopton. Debra knows her cowboy's as this is the eighth book along with two novellas she's written about them.

Maggie Hope writes a column for a newspaper and when her friend and reporter is sick she gets roped into doing and interview with Tru Monahan Tru is a champion horse rider, trainer and according to the tabloids, a ladies man.

During the interview a challenge is thrown out that the powers that be jump on. Tru's sponsors and Maggies network and newspaper see it as a "win-win" and leave them both now way out.

Will the chemistry win out? Will they be able to let go of their fears and trust enough to fall in love?

This is a charming book and I enjoyed and would recommend.

I received Betting on Hope from Thomas Nelson Publishers free for an honest review.