Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I love Cindy Woodsmalls books and I'm never disappointed. They only regret with reading her newest Ties That Bind is that it's the first of a series and I hate waiting for the next one. lol

The first book of The Amish of Summer Grove series is one of the most intriguing ones I've read of hers.  Arianna Brenneman is the twin of Abram and one of the ten children of Isaac and Lovina. The boy she hoped to marry, Quill,  ran off with her best friend, Frieda. She is finally moving on and has a new beau, Rudy, when Quill reappears.

Quill appears to be linked to the night crawler, a person who sneaks in and assists the Amish who wish to leave the community. However, there are more pressing secrets that come to light that changes everything Arianna believes.

This novel does deviate somewhat from her usual ones in that it is focused more on the family and less on the Amish community. I enjoyed Ties that Bind and I iam now sitting on pins and needles waiting for her to release book two.

I received this book free from Water Brook Publishers for an honest review.

Friday, October 2, 2015


If you like a big of suspenseful mystery along with some romance then you will like Coleen Coble's books. This novella All is Bright, didn't disappoint except it could have been a novel instead of a novella. However It is a part of the Hope Beach Novels, which I must now read.

Delilah Carter is manages the Tidewater  Inn when someone makes an attempt on her life. When Tom Bourne, the local sheriff, looks into the incident the sparks they both have been trying to ignore are ignited.

The story the unfolds will perhaps surprise you as to the perpetrator, but that is what makes a mystery so compelling. Colleen does know how to meld it all together to hold your interest and intrigue to the end.

You will enjoy the book I'm sure and keep you coming back for more of her stories.
I received this book free for an honest review from Thomas Nelson.


HE BIG HOUSE ON ADAMS STREET by Alberta Sparks, how to best describe this book? It started off hard became a secondary character to the plot, and left you feeling disenchanted.

The Kuntz and Huber's are neighbors and their six year old daughters, Katherine and Sophie, are best friends. The Huber's also have a son, Gustave.

Katherine's son Fritz becomes the main character after he is grown and moves to America where the story really takes place. He decides to build a house and form a sort of commune where they all work
and get along.

The story becomes more of the various inhabitants, how they come to the house, the gifts

Sunday, September 20, 2015


I love historical fiction and this being sort of biographical also I was looking forward to it. I was somewhat disappointed as it was hard to read. Primarily because it was so intense with the actions of the church of those days. However, it was, to wordy, to descriptive? It was so detailed it was hard to get to the meat of the story.

This is of course a fictional tale of Martinus Luther, an excommunicated monk who led the protestant reformation and his wife Kate.  Katharina von Bora, was an escaped nun, a daughter of noble birth discarded to a convent.

Although the facts are accurate to the best of my understanding and research, the story is mainly imagination but however compelling. I was aghast at the ferocity of the times, the lengths the church and king went to in order to try and stop the spread of what they considered heresy.  That parents would do thoughtlessly discard their children.

Overall I did enjoy the book and learned so much about our heritage, of the freedom we take so much for granted.

I received this book free from Water Brook Publishers for an honest review.