Thursday, February 11, 2016


LOVE LEXIE by Sherry Kyle is a young girls diary written as letters to God. Quite charming and an insight to many of the questions and problems of a pre-teen girl.

Lexie has a big sister Kate who she looks up to. She is struggling to find her own way in the labyrinth of the adolescent years of school, friendships, peer pressure and longings.

The book is written as a devotional with the letters from Lexie, notes from God, reflections to ponder and a place for your own notes and feelings.

This would be a nice gift for any young girl finding it difficult to know who she is and her place in this world. She must first see herself as God sees her and make peace with herself.

I plan on giving this to my young granddaughter and recommend you do the same.

I received this book free for an honest review from Tyndale Publishers.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


An AMISH YEAR BY Beth Wiseman is a collection of four stories. Two are from previously published books, one is an excerpt for a book in a series, the last is new

I dislike reviews that give too much of the story as to spoil it, for me anyway, so I try not to do that. Rooted in Love, the first story is an of a young woman raising her siblings after her mother's death. Will she be able to let love find her and move on with her life?

A Love for Irma Rose is the excerpt of a series and could just whet your appetite for all the books. Irma Rose is seeking the safe life but will she find it?

Patchwork Perfect is the one new and the story of a widow moving to a new district hoping to find a new wife and mother for his children. Are his children ready, is he even ready for what God has for him?

When Christmas Comes tells of a widow and her families first Christmas without her husband. A stranger may know more than he's telling, will the family be open and believe what he shares?

Beth writes a lot of Amish books, and I have read a few of her works before. I do find her stories questionable in some of the Amish way, however her stories have good story lines.

I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers for an honest review.

Monday, January 18, 2016


A WORTHY HEART by Susan Anne Mason is a "worthy" book to read. (pardon my play on words.) It is the second novel in the Courage to Dream series, but can stand alone. I have not read the first one but thoroughly enjoyed this one.

Maggie Montgomery  and her brother Gabe travel to America from Ireland to visit their elder brother Rylan and his wife Colleen. (spoiler alert if you plan on reading Irish Meadows)

Unbeknownst to the family, Maggie is planning on finding employment and remaining in America. Gave is intent on learning all he can about the firefighting methods of America and taking them back to Ireland.

Colleen's brother Adam has just been released from prison for and hopes to reunited with his family and mend the relationships.

Aurora Hasting wishes to become a nurse but her father intends that she marries well and feels nursing is beneath her.

These lives all become even more intertwined than before and strive to see their own dreams fulfilled. 

Will they succeed or will propriety and family interfere and smash their dreams?
 I received this book free for an honest review from Bethany House.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Amy Clipston has written other Amish novel but this is the first one I've read. THE FORGOTTEN RECIPE, an Amish Heirloom Novel is not like any other I've read. I deviated from some of the Amish way in several ways. I realize there are several districts, old order, new order etc so I can only assume this was a new order with a much less stringent Ordnung. I seemed almost more Mennonite.

Veronica Fisher is betrothed to Seth Lapp who is her best friend.  Jason Huyard's father owns the shop where Seth works and they become close friends. They live in different church districts so do not share many acquaintances.

Seth is killed in an accident at the shop where Jason was with him and feels guilty. Veronica is devastated and withdraws. She finds her mammi's raspberry pie recipe which she opens a roadside bake stand with. Jason wishing to express his condolences cannot tell her he was with Seth after meeting her.

Over time they grow closer but will the secret  destroy everything?

I did enjoy the story even if I felt it was departed from the Amish ways. It spoke of secrets, family, grief and forgiveness.

I received The Forgotten Recipe free from Zondervan and Thomas Nelson Publishers for an honest review.